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Spanish Coast

Intrepid Yacht Delivery Services

We offer Private Instruction, assisted passages and delivery of sailing vessels on the water under their own power. Specializing in deliveries to and from ports along the United States Pacific Coast, Mexico, Caribbean, Pacific Ocean and world-wide.


Crew Required:

Sailboats:  All sizes - Captain + 1 or more deckhand required

Sailboats Underway 24 hours per day may require Captain + 2 or more deckhands.

Crew Rates:


Captain: $ 350.00 per day

Captain rates for Pre Departure instruction and daily "at Anchor" instruction is $ 175.00 per day.

Deckhand: $ 175.00 per day


Instruction / Training / Passage and Weather Routing Services

Per agreement


Yacht Repo and Private Security Services per agreement 



Provisions: $ 40.00 per person per day (food and water) per diem while on the vessel.


Travel and Other Costs: Transportation costs round trip (Normally from Cedaredge Colorado to your vessel’s departure point and return from your vessel's destination) for all crew members.


Crew Travel Pay: Is based on distance and length of travel time and available modes of transportation in that area.


Fuel Cost: Fuel, oil and other consumables used during the trip will be at the owner’s expense.




Dockage Fees: We do not add onto the cost of the dockage fee.  All dock fees during the trip will be at the owner’s expense.


Transit Fees, Port Costs, Sailing Permits during the trip will be at the owner’s expense.


A DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED to schedule and commission crew.  



Departure Puerto Vallarta to destination San Diego, about 1000 nm.  Estimated days are 8 days at 5.0 kts to complete voyage @ 24 hours per day.  Additional days not included in this estimate would be extra and charged at the agreed daily rate for the estimate.  We use the speed of the boat to calculate our estimated passage time. Please be accurate.


So, 1 Captain @ $ 350.0 per day. + 1 deckhand at $ 175.00 (each) per day =  $ 525.00 per day


Crew for 8 days = $ 4200.00


Provisioning $ 40.00 per day per crew = $ 80.00 x 8 = $ 640.00


Estimate Total = $ 4840.00 plus travel

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