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7 Day Sailing Topics

Next we set sail and use the skills we learned. Our goals are as follows:

● 600 NM passage including at least 200 NM more than 50 NM from land or charted objects capable of being used for navigation;

● Duration of at least 96 hours;

● You will take full part in the planning and preparation of the passage, including: navigational plan, checking the material condition of the yacht and her equipment; storing with spare gear, fuel, water and provisions.

● Throughout the passage, you will act in a responsible capacity, either in sole charge of a watch or as skipper.

● You will navigate at sea by astro navigation. As a minimum this will include the planning, reduction, and plotting of a noon sight and sight using the sun, moon, a star or planet.

Class # 1:Cost: Monday January 13, 2025 - Friday January 24,

Class # 2:2025 Monday February 10, 2025 - Friday February 21, 2025


$ 3000.00 per student

Join Circumnavigator and USCG Merchant Mariner “Master,” Tim Brill, for an intensive 12-day hands-on class on offshore passagemaking. Tim will review all the things he wished he knew before setting off on his first passage. Each class will be broken into 2 parts. The first 5 days will be classroom theory and practice. The next 7 days will be an offshore sail. Our plan is to conduct only 2 classes in 2025. Maximum class size is 2 students per class.

5 Day Classroom Topics (Our “classroom” is on sv Intrepid) :

● Weather: Learn about weather systems, winds and forecasting

● Storm Tactics: Learn how to prepare for storms.

● Large Keelboats: Understand the components, rigging, systems, maintenance and troubleshooting.

● Boat Management & Systems: Learn about boat management and systems (engine, electrical, etc) to ensure your vessel operates safely throughout your journey.

● Passage Planning : Plan your sail and sail your plan.

● Safety at Sea: How to prepare and deal with the unexpected and emergencies while at sea. Safety equipment, procedures, and protocols for different conditions, environments, and crew-overboard emergencies.

● Theory: The fundamental principles of sailing, including wind dynamics and sailboat physics. Understand how to harness the power of the wind and the physics of sailboat design to propel your vessel efficiently and effectively.

● Advanced Sail Trim: Learn sail trim techniques and theory, from basic to advanced sail trim. The Sail Trim online course covers the full range of sail trim knowledge, techniques, and strategies.

● Sailing Maneuvers & Techniques: Learn the various sailing maneuvers, from tacking and gybing to heaving to and more!

● Sailing Terminology & Communication: The language of unique terms used by sailors, which is essential for clear communication on a sailboat.

● Docking and Maneuvering Under Power: A review of docking and maneuvering your sailboat under power, ensuring you can navigate even the trickiest of marinas.

● Anchoring & Mooring: Learn anchoring and mooring techniques for different tides and weather.

● Coastal Navigation: Navigation is an essential for operating in inland and near coastal waters.

● Electronic Navigation: Learn to navigate by GPS, use chart plotters, AIS, and more!

● Celestial Navigation : Learn this essential skill. Plus it’s fun!

● International Navigation Rules and Buoys: Learn international navigational markers and USCG rules of the road when sailing or under power. When sailing internationally, understand IALA-A and IALA-B navigation rules and buoy systems.

● Essential Knots: Specialized knots to reliably secure lines (ropes) to perform specific tasks in sailing and tame the hundreds of feet of line various lines on a sailboat. DYNEEMA: How-to splice it, and make a soft shackle

Offshore Passage Making Masters Class

What is Included:

● Accommodation on sv Intrepid

● Sailing instruction

● All Provisioning

● All boat running costs (fuel, water, mooring, etc)

● All local fees

What is NOT included:

● Transportation to/from the boats

● Personal travel insurance

● Meals, drinks and other onshore costs

Payment Schedule:

● Deposit of 25% due at registration ($ 750.00)

● Balance due 90 days prior to class start

○ Class # 1 ($2250.00) due October 15, 2024

○ Class # 1 ($2250.00) due November 14, 2024

● Note: If you register as a group of 2, deduct 5% each

● Note: Register by September 1, deduct 5%

● OK, register by September 1, 2024, and register as a group of 2, deduct 10% each!


Cancel 90 days, or less, prior to class start - there is NO refund

Contact Tim Brill for more detailed information. As of now, we will rendezvous in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

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